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Stress Test

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When it is vital to get an overview of your heart health, you may need a cardiac stress test. The cardiology experts at Heart One Associates in Buckeye, Peoria, and Phoenix, Arizona, offer exercise and nuclear stress tests from the comfort of their offices. If you need to schedule a stress test, call or book an appointment online today.

Stress Test Q & A

What is a stress test?

A cardiac stress test, or stress test, is a diagnostic study that gives your cardiologist an accurate picture of your heart health. A stress test measures how your heart responds to increased activity by tracking heart activity while you walk on a treadmill or take medication that causes your heart to beat quickly. 

During a stress test, your provider collects vital information while your heart is resting and while under stress, including your: 

  • Heart rhythm
  • Heart muscle movement 
  • Blood pressure 
  • Blood flow in arteries and veins
  • Symptoms related to increased activity

You may need a stress test if you have occasional shortness of breath, transient chest pain, irregular heart rhythm, or your provider suspects coronary artery disease (CAD). 

What are the different types of stress tests?

Heart One Associates offers two types of stress tests from the comfort of their office, depending on your cardiovascular needs. A specially trained technician monitors your heart rhythm, blood pressure, and oxygen throughout each process. 

Exercise stress test

An exercise stress test uses a treadmill to increase your heart rate slowly. This type of test works well for someone who is physically fit and able to tolerate increased physical activity. 

Nuclear stress test

A nuclear stress test uses medications that stimulate an increased heart rate. Your provider can visualize your heart using an injectable dye that shows up using X-ray technology. 

If you can't tolerate physical exercise or your provider wants a more detailed picture of your heart during activity, they may recommend the nuclear stress test. 

How do I prepare for my stress test?

The Heart One Associates team contacts you before your test and gives you essential instructions to follow as you prepare. Instructions may relate to: 

  • Holding your medications
  • Not eating or drinking before your test
  • Avoiding using lotion or cream on your chest
  • Wearing clothing that allows easy access to your chest

The length of your test may vary based on your specific needs. The team member who calls you before your appointment may be able to give you an idea of what to expect. Your provider may share the results during the same visit or recommend scheduling a follow-up visit another day. 

To schedule your stress test, call or book an appointment online with Heart One Associates today.